August 31, 2019, Luslawice, Poland
Tristan and Isolde, by Richard Wagner. Video backdrop for a full concert performance presented as the closing concert of EMANACJE festival at The Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Luslawice, Poland. This is part of the Isolde Project, invented by the amazing Juyeon Song. This performance is made possible by the Claude Heater Foundation, through a collaboration with the Grammy Award winning Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ostrava Opera in the Czech Republic, and The Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Luslawice. Juyeon Song: Isolde; Roy Cornelius Smith: Tristan; Tamara Gallo:Brangäne; Brian Davis: Kurnewal; John Paul Huckle: King Mark; Hirt Alexander Kaimbacher: Melot. Click here to  find out more. Click here to purchase tickets.

October 5, 7pm - October 6, 7am, 2019 Paris, France
Nuit Blanche, Paris. Incarnation, Video and prints installation with soundscape by Adam Gottesman, at the Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles, a historic Parisian swimming pool in the heart of the 13th arrondissement. A night of art throughout Paris, in which I'm participating for the first time, with projections from my series of nude video portraits. Read about it here. View a short video with excerpts from each of the portraits.

November 7-December 31, 2019, San Francisco, CA
Homage to the Wheel of Color. Group exhibition at Ruth's Table Gallery, 3160 21st St, San Francisco, CA. Installation of a hybrid painting, foregrounding the ambiguity of projected color versus pigmented color. Because projected color also supplies the light by which we see the pigment, video projected on a painting creates a perceptual puzzle — it’s impossible to distinguish what is painted and what is projected unless the content is moving. The large scale painting incorporates a video projection from the Incarnation series.