Square Cylinder, by David Roth
"Kremer fosters the illusion of multiple perspectives by linking clusters of loose and tightly knit brushstrokes in patterns whose closing rhythms vary enormously within any single canvas. The feel is of colliding force fields…
The dominant feel is of an organic Cubism, achieved without interpenetrating planes...
For Kremer, nature is the springboard for abstraction. She rejuvenates it by placing total faith in her own gestural impulses. Carried forward in video feedback loops that both break apart and reconstruct the source material, they deliver Abstract Expressionism into the digital present.

"In Naomie Kremer’s paintings, there are thousands of strokes, but none seem wasted and all seem to build toward a crescendo of unimaginable harmony. I marvel at her confidence, because no one can foretell where a work like this is leading."


SONG OF THE EARTH by Gustav Mahler
Marseille Opera House
Classique en Provence, December 1, 2021
"The concert is enhanced by video projections on the backdrop produced by Naomie Kremer. They are more or less figurative paintings, which come alive during the songs. They are successively a landscape of trees, grasses in the water, and even foliage which begins to move, to distort, sometimes veering towards a psychedelic kaleidoscope. The illustration of The Adieu is more abstract, presenting shapes that twist, a bit like in certain paintings by Edvard Munch, very much in line with the supreme melancholy of the piece."

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company
Chicago Tribune, by Sid Smith
"…the richly collaborative thrust behind this piece includes the mesmerizing, delicately beautiful projection of designer Naomie Kremer."

SF Examiner, by Stephen Smoliar
"Kremer’s images explore the complexity of such perception…creating what is almost an ingenious laboratory in which we can ponder just what it is that the mind is doing in the midst of all those changes…."

San Francisco Opera and Cal Performances

SF Chronicle, by Joshua Kosman
"Perhaps the most delectable aspect of Friday’s premiere…was the visual design of Naomie Kremer, a series of video projections that did a superb job of capturing the piece’s mood and detail."

The Daily Californian, by Addy Bhasin
"These stunning sets can be attributed to multimedia artist Naomie Kremer, whose work is exhibited at the Berkeley Art Museum and the U.S. Embassy in Beijing."

Square Cylinder, April 22, 2023, by David M. Roth

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Lyrica Massillia, 3 Décembre 2021, Rédigé par Jean-Pierre Bacot. Le Chant de la Terre: L'adieu de Mahler à la vie et à la musique
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California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA, MFA, Painting and Drawing, High Distinction

Sussex University, Brighton, England, MA, Art History, modern period

University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. BA, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude

London School of Economics and Political Science, London, England, year abroad