The Alma Enigma

A short film about the life of Alma Mahler, widow of Gustav Mahler. Narrated by her granddaughter Marina Mahler. A talented composer in her youth, Alma Mahler was one of the cultural figures saved from the Nazis by the American journalist Varian Fry in 1940.

Please click here to watch the film. To see stills from the installation version of the film at The American Gallery, Marseille, in 2020, please click here.


Like Trees

Like Trees, 5-minute experimental film using a series of nude video portraits of friends edited with manipulated video footage. The subjects range in age from 9 months to 90 years old. The first installation of these videos and a series of prints was exhibited in 2019 during Nuit Blanche at the Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles in Paris. They were also shown in a site-specific installation, Embodiment, at Modernism Gallery in 2020.

Border Crossing

Border Crossing, performed by Nolan Gasser and The Mighty Mighty, April 2022 at SF Jazz, with video projections by Naomie Kremer. The album is a recording project created by composer, pianist, and Pandora musicologist Dr. Nolan Gasser. It blends a set of distinctive "global music" styles – North African, West African, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Andalusian, Hungarian, Celtic, etc. with the grooves, harmonies and improvisational freedom of rock and jazz.

See the performance at this link: Link 1

Until Love Pleases

Until Love Pleases, a night of poetry, music, dance and art, based on The Song of Songs. Performed by The Qadim Ensemble, dancer Miriam Peretz, and Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer, video art by Naomie Kremer. Presented by the JCC East Bay in collaboration with The Kitchen.
Click here for short excerpt.

En Memoire de…

Panoramic video set for En Memoire de… performed at the Musée d'histoire de Marseille, November 2021. A collective creation written and directed by Michel Pastore. Co-produced by the Musée d'Histoire de Marseille and La Maison Dora Maar. Ablaye Cissoko singer, kora (African lyre); Chrystelle Di Marco soprano; Maria Kohler reader; Pap Ndiaye singer, guitar, percussion; Thomas Morris reader, tenor; Yoann Pourre piano, keyboard; Fabrice Duhamel; Audio and Video Technician; Gerard Monchablon, Performance recording; Naomie Kremer, Performance recording editor. Produced by Musiques Interdites. See a 2-minute excerpt here.

In the Beginning was Desire

The 40-minute experimental documentary in collaboration with documentary filmmaker David Grubin is structured on a series of interviews with Biblical scholar Avivah Zornberg, with visuals conceived and created by Naomie Kremer.

To see stills from the video, please click here. To view the entire film on Vimeo please click here.

Three For Two

Video backdrop commissioned for premiere of new music for invented instruments by Dresher/Davel Duo, ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA. Video backdrop commissioned for premiere of new music for invented instruments by Dresher/Davel Duo, ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA. See the 19-minute performance. Click here to see stills from the video.



Video backdrop for concert performance of Tristan and Isolde, by Richard Wagner. Commissioned by the Claude Heater Foundation, performed in August, 2018, at the Herbst Theater, San Francisco. Conducted by Jonathan Khuner, with Juyeon Song as Isolde, Roy Cornelius Smith as Tristan, Tamara Gallo as Brangane.



Video set design for Lucia Berlin: Stories. Five stories from her posthumous A Manual for Cleaning Women, performed by Word for Word at Z Below, San Francisco, Theatre de la Tour Eiffel, Paris, and theaters in Nancy and Angers, France. Directed by Nancy Shelby and JoAnne Winter with an original jazz score by Marcus Shelby. Word for Word artistic directors: Susan Harloe and JoAnne Winter. Cast: Cassidy Brown, Jeri Lynn Cohen, Ryan Williams French, Norman Gee, Gendell Hernández, Delia MacDougall, Indiia Wilmott, Phil Wong. To see closeups of the actors in San Francisco performance please click here.



Video set design for Alcina, by GF Handel, performed in Acre, Israel, September 2016, by French baroque orchestra Les Talens Lyriques. The opera takes place on the magic island inhabited by Alcina, a sorceress who seduces men and when she tires of them transforms them into rocks, trees and animals. Deceptions and disguises abound. At the end, when Alcina’s magic urn is broken, illusions are dispelled and the island’s transformed monsters return to human form. Click here to scroll through photographs of the performance. Click here to read a preview article in Ha'aratz. (Scroll down to read paragraph about the set in English.)



Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this world premiere family opera was co-commissioned by the San Francisco Opera and Cal Performances, with music by Nolan Gasser and libretto by Carey Harrison. It was performed in March, 2013 at Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, California. As Visual Designer, Kremer created an all video-based set with minimal props necessary for the action. Click here to read her blog, posted by the San Francisco Opera, about the creation of the design. Click here to read a review. Click here to see a video about her process, posted on YouTube by Cal Performances. (PPhoto By Betsy Kirschner/SF Opera)



Collaborating with Margaret Jenkins Dance Company in this abstract work with original music composed by Paul Dresher, and poetry by Michael Palmer (Artistic Advisor), Kremer created a video set design that included shifting scrims and banners. The work premiered at the Novellus Theater, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in November, 2011, and was subsequently performed in February 2012 at Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Maryland, and The Dance Center at Columbia College, Chicago. Click here to read a review by the SF Examiner. Click here to read a review by the SF Chronicle. Click here to read a second review by the SF Chronicle. Click here to read a review by the Chicago Tribune.



Video backdrop for Béla Bartók's opera, commissioned by the Berkeley Opera, performed at Julia Morgan Center in Berkeley, CA in May, 2008. Click here and here to see excerpts from the video.